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buying a car that is affordable to own

When I was looking for a new car, I wanted to take my time and make the best possible decision. I wanted to know what car was going to be the most affordable to maintain, repair and drive every day. I wanted a car that wasn't going to rust out or require repairs often. I basically wanted something that may cost me a little more to buy, but would not cost me much to keep for the next ten years. After spending weeks researching different types of cars, I have learned a lot about the different cars on the market and my blog contains everything that I have learned.

Finding The Best Trailer To Transport Your UTV To The Trail Or An Event

UTVs are great for camping, attending events in remote areas, hunting, and recreation, but sometimes transporting the vehicle is challenging. If you drive a sedan or SUV, you may need to consider a UTV trailer that you can haul your machine on, and finding the right one is essential. 

Trailer Capacity

One of the first things you need to do when considering UTV trailers is to determine the weight of your machine and look for trailers designed to support it. If the trailer suspension is too light, it may be damaged over time if you overload it. 

The weight of your UTV should be listed in the owner's manual or on the website for the manufacturer. Check it before you start shopping, and let the trailer dealer know how much the machine weighs so they can show you UTV trailers that will work. If you carry other cargo on the trailer, you need to consider that and get a trailer that is rated high enough to allow for the additional weight along with the UTV. 

Trailer Design

There are many different UTV trailers on the market, but finding a design that allows you to load the UTV on the trailer easily is vital. Looking for a trailer that tilts can be beneficial because you don't need ramps to use it. 

The trailer tilts down in the back so you can drive on and then tilts back, so it is flat once the UTV is on it. These trailers can make loading and unloading faster and more manageable, and when maintained properly, they are easy to tilt for loading and unloading.

There are models that use a wide tailgate that you lower and drive over for loading, and the tailgate can help ensure everything stays on the UTV trailer while driving. Talk to the trailer dealer about the options for loading and unloading and they can go over the options and help you determine the best fit for your needs. 

Hitch Style

You'll want to consider the trailer hitch design you need when comparing UTV trailers. On a small car or SUV, you may have a smaller hitch than the one on most full-size trucks. The trailer you select needs to be able to connect to that hitch, and the tongue weight must be under the rated weight for the hitch. 

If the tongue weight is too heavy, the trailer can weigh the rear of the vehicle down and cause handling issues, so make sure your trailer is long enough to load your UTV over the axle to balance the load. Alternatively, you may want to consider two-axle UTV trailers that spread the weight out better or an aluminum trailer to help reduce the overall weight of the trailer and UTV on it.