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buying a car that is affordable to own

When I was looking for a new car, I wanted to take my time and make the best possible decision. I wanted to know what car was going to be the most affordable to maintain, repair and drive every day. I wanted a car that wasn't going to rust out or require repairs often. I basically wanted something that may cost me a little more to buy, but would not cost me much to keep for the next ten years. After spending weeks researching different types of cars, I have learned a lot about the different cars on the market and my blog contains everything that I have learned.

2 Bug Out Vehicle Options To Consider

Creating the perfect disaster plan requires that you also have an appropriate vehicle to help you enact that plan, especially if your plan involves evacuating to a safe area. A bug out vehicle is a vital part of your plan, as long as it has the right features to make it useful. Durability and being capable of going off-road are just some of the options that you should look for when shopping for a bug out vehicle.


One of the most important features to look for in a bug out vehicle is something that is built to be as tough as possible. This is especially important when you consider that leaving a city during a disaster may require you to put a lot of strain on the vehicle. In that situation, you really do not want to end up stranded in the middle of nowhere because your vehicle couldn't handle a bit of rough driving.

If you are looking for durability, it is very difficult to beat the durability offered by most trucks. This durability comes from the fact that trucks are often designed and marketed to people in industries that require a lot from their vehicles, such as farming and construction.


You will also want to consider purchasing a vehicle that is going to be able to handle going off-road if necessary. This is especially important if you are planning on getting out of a city in the event of a disaster because you may have to travel down some unpaved or damaged roads to avoid the traffic caused by everyone else attempting to evacuate. In addition, the off-road capability will allow you to get to just about any type of safe location you want, not matter how far out in the middle of nowhere it might be.

SUVs are some of the best choices when it comes to purchasing a vehicle for off-road experiences. This is because many SUVs are designed and marketed to be adventure vehicles for people that want to go camping in the mountains, or want to travel and explore wild areas.

Visit your local vehicle dealership today in order to see the many available options that would make great bug out vehicles. An SUV makes an ideal bug out vehicle because certain models are designed to be able handle a variety of rough terrain, while a truck is a great choice if you want something that is going to be tough enough to make it through the disaster without leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Check with local used car dealers, like Auto Max, to see if they have the right bug out vehicle for you.