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Dump Truck Safety Tips

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Whether it’s for the purpose of debris removal or earth moving, dump trucks are an important tool on just about any construction site. However, they do pose some dangers, and minimizing these risks begins with safe operation. Make sure you are operating your dump trucks with superior safety in mind. Perform Daily Inspections Safe operation begins with daily inspections. Any time the dump truck sits overnight, it needs to be inspected before it is used. Start by performing a complete walk-around of the truck. Look on its underside to see if there is any liquid that might indicate some type of fluid leak. Inspect the tires. Are they inflated properly, or are there any lug nuts missing? You should also ensure the windshield is clean and free of any cracks, that all lights are functioning properly and that the backup alarm works correctly. The dump truck should only be used if it passes a complete inspection. Monitor Ground Conditions The risk of a tipping mishap is a real and dangerous concern for dump trucks. In the event of a tip over, the truck would sustain significant damage and produce fatal injuries. When the box portion of the truck is elevated, the truck’s center of gravity is shifted, putting it at a greater risk for tipping. If the ground conditions where the truck is operating aren’t stable, this only intensifies this risk. Ensure the ground is stable. Soft spots in the terrain are never a good thing. Secondly, ensure the surface is level. Any level inconsistencies also increase the tip-over risk. If the ground conditions are not conducive to safe operation, don’t operate the truck. Communicate With The Crew Good communication is another important safety component you need to incorporate in your daily operations. It is imperative that other crew members have a clear understanding of what areas the truck will be operating in and what route it will be traveling along. This is an important part of avoiding an accident. Providing this information allows your crew members to clear the area and also ensure that any other large equipment is out of the way when the dump truck is nearby. A two-way radio system offers an excellent portal for this communication. Safety is a team goal that everyone must work towards together. Make sure every member of your working crew is dedicated to keeping everyone on site safe. If you’re having issues with your truck, contact a company like Correct Truck and Trailer rather than taking risks with a faulty...

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2 Healthful Reasons To Buy Your Dream Motorcycle

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The moment you mounted a bike you knew you were born to be a rider; but you might not know that your passion for motorcycle-riding could offer a wealth of benefits. The following will show you 2 reasons why there is no better time to get your motorcycle than now.  1.The Neurological Reaction One of the possible reasons you enjoy riding a bike is because there is a small risk involved. Life is a risk, but the truth is moderation is always the key, which is something that you will get when you ride a bike. You are going to take the classes to increase safety while you ride the bike, but that does not mean you won’t feel the thrill.  That feeling that you get is associated with sensation-seekers, which is closely related to a neurotransmitter called dopamine. This is a reward neurotransmitter that helps your brain trigger chemical reactions that help you feel happy. Yet, there is a little more since dopamine is also associated with improving some of the following: Memory retention Balance and movement Attention and learning Improve mood and sleep 2. The Physical Effect You might not have considered this before but riding a motorcycle is a low-impact form of exercise that will have a positive effect on your overall physical health. Consider some of the following: Posture Strength One of the most important things that you have to do while riding your motorcycle is to maintain your center of gravity in perfect alignment to keep you and your bike upright. This requires you to work out some of the following muscles: Your abdomen Back muscles Thighs and legs Neck muscles Do not forget that you will be using your legs to park or stop at a red light, which adds to the strength you will be using to ride your bike.  Weight Loss You might find this one kind of strange yet the truth is that riding a motorcycle can help regulate your weight. Riding a bike is a low-impact exercise that should help you lose weight. In fact, you might be able to burn about 179 calories in an hour by simply riding your motorcycle around (something that you already love doing).  You can see that there are a few positive effects related to bikes that you might not have imagined. Now you have a few more reasons  to buy your very own motorcycle. ...

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Buying A New Car? Two Tips To Help You Get The Best Deal

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If you’re in the market for a new car, you may think that the only thing you can do to get a good deal is negotiate.  However, although it is a good idea to be prepared for a little friendly haggling in order to drive down the cost of the vehicle you want, there are other techniques you can use to ensure that you’re getting a good deal.  Use this information to learn more about what you can do to get a fantastic deal when you go buy your next car. Knowing When To Buy Is Important The last thing you want to do when buying a new car is spontaneously go make the purchase.  You should be strategic and knowledgeable so that you’ll know when is the perfect time to buy your new automobile. Late summer and early fall are good times to strike because the vehicles from next year’s lineup are rolling in, and dealers may be anxious to sell off the current year models to make room for the newer cars.   Another tip you want to keep in mind is that the car sales industry is very goal oriented, and each sales person that you come across likely has a goal that they must meet in order to maximize their commissions.  You can use this information to your advantage by purchasing a car during times when sales individuals need to sell vehicles to meet their goals.  This could be towards the end of the month when a seller may be just a few cars short of increasing their commission, or even at the end of the day, when a sales person hopes to close a deal before heading home for the night. Get A Pre-approval Getting a pre-approved loan is another technique you can use to get a good deal on a new car.  Few dealerships are willing to let a customer leave without a car when there’s a pre-approval on the table.  When you show up with a pre-approved check in your hands, many sellers are willing to make concessions in price to make sure that you leave with a vehicle and they get to keep that check. Getting a great deal on a new car doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what to do.  When you go to buy your next car, remember these tips so you can get the price you deserve. Check out the site at this link to learn...

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Refuting Car Buying Misconceptions

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Buying a car can be a stressful task for many people, and this should not be surprising given the investment this represents and a lack of accurate information. It is an unfortunate reality that there are many misconceptions about buying a car, and refuting these myths is essential for making it easier for you to make informed choices during this process.  Myth: Dealerships Only Take Trades On Working Cars Trading in your old car is one of the best ways for reducing the amount you must pay for your new car, but many people assume that the dealership only wants used cars that are in good condition or at least running. However, this may not be the case because many of these facilities will still give you money for your old car.  If there are problems with your car, you should let the dealership know this as soon as possible. By doing this, you can ensure that the dealership will accept your vehicle before you start the process. This will ensure that you do not waste time going through the buying process only to find that you car can not be used as a trade.  Myth: An Extended Warranty Is Never Worth The Money When you are buying a car, you will likely be offered a variety of upgrades. This will often include extended warranties, but many people will automatically dismiss this upgrade because they assume the standard warranty will be all that they need. However, you should be aware that extended warranties can often provide you with numerous advantages.  These warranties will usually cover your vehicle for far a much longer time than the standard warranty. Additionally, these warranties often provide coverage for more of your vehicle. For example, a standard warranty may only cover the engine and transmission, but an extended warranty may offer protection for your vehicle’s electronics. However, the details of these warranties can vary greatly from one dealership and manufacturer to another, and you will need to carefully review the details of the extended warranty.    Buying a car does not need to be a source of stress, but if you are under the impression that some common misconceptions are true, then you may find this process to be more difficult than necessary. Knowing that some dealerships will accept trades on vehicles in almost any condition and that extended warranties can be valuable investments will make it easier for you to be an informed consumer. Contact a local dealer, such as Bob Sight Ford, for any further information or...

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3 Signs That You Need Your Brakes Inspected

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Does your car feel like it’s not acting properly when you brake? Are you worried that the brakes may need to be repaired? If you suspect that you have brake issues, it’s always wise to have the problem checked out by a knowledgeable mechanic. Your brakes are one of the most important components of your car, and malfunctioning brakes can be a big safety issue. There are some signs to look out for that are common red flags for bad brakes. If any of the following items sound familiar, you probably need to get your brakes examined: Squealing or grinding noises. This should be the first sign that something is up with your brakes. Your brakes have brake pads that help to relieve some of the pressure when the brake caliper presses against the rotor. These pads naturally wear down over time. Most brakes today are made with wear indicators, which emit a high-pitched squealing noise when the brake pad is worn thin. If you here this and get the issue fixed quickly, you’ll only need to replace the pads, which is usually a pretty inexpensive repair. However, if you put it off, the pads could wear down completely, at which point you’ll hear the grinding of metal calipers against metal rotors. That’s a much costlier repair, so always try and replace your brakes before they start grinding. Pulling. Does your car try to jerk to one side every time you press the brakes? This is a sign that the calipers are out of alignment. One caliper may be stuck or delayed. When you press the brakes, one wheel is getting stopped with different timing from the calipers than the other brakes. This is a pretty simple repair, but one you should get checked quickly. If the problem gets worse, you may not have control of the car when you brake. If your car pulls while driving, a stuck caliper could still be the problem. However, you also may have suspension or alignment problems. Pulsing. Does it feel like your car pulses or vibrates when you brake? Again, this could be because of suspension and alignment issues. But it could also be because your rotors are warped. When you brake, the calipers press against the rotors as the rotors continue to spin. If a rotor is misshapen, the caliper will move across an uneven surface, causing the small vibrations. This can often happen if the brake goes through significant stress, such as what might happen if you tow a heavy item or have to slam on your brakes while on a decline. Check this out immediately because if it gets worse, the caliper may be ineffective at stopping the rotor. For more information about auto maintenance and repair, contact Roos Only or a similar...

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3 Essential Bug Out Vehicle Features

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Buying a bug out vehicle is one of the most vital parts of any bug out plan, mostly because it is the vehicle that you are going to rely on to get you and your family to safety. However, not every vehicle is going to be appropriate for use as a bug out vehicle. An ideal bug out vehicle should have a large cargo area, off-road capabilities, and be very durable. Large Cargo Area Since a bug out vehicle is going to be utilized to evacuate you and your family to a safe location for the duration of the disaster, it is going to need to be able to store a lot of food, fuel, water, and medical supplies. One of the best vehicle options available is going to be a truck due to the very large amount of supplies that you could transport in the truck’s bed. However, you should also consider an SUV because of the fact that it can store a large amount of items within the cabin of your vehicle. This is advantageous because it keeps your supplies hidden from view to keep them safe from thieves, while also protecting perishable items from the elements. Off-Road Capabilities A bug out vehicle must have off-road capabilities because you never know when a disaster situation may drive you away from paved or well-traveled roads. For example, if a disaster should wash out a road, force people to abandon their vehicles, or litter a road with debris it could force people to find alternate routes. However, if your vehicle can go off-road due to all-wheel or four-wheel drive capability, you can simply drive around the obstructions. In addition, you may also need to take unpaved roads and trails in order to get to your bug out location. It is very difficult to find a better off-road vehicle option than an SUV. This is because there are some SUVs that were designed and built with off-roading and wilderness activities in mind. Very Durable Finally, you will want to make sure that any bug out vehicle that you purchase is very durable so that you do not have to worry about it breaking down and leaving you stranded if you need to take it down a rough road or off-road. For that reason, you will want to seriously consider a truck because many of them were designed for use in some rugged and demanding applications, such as farming and construction. Pay a visit to a local dealership, like, in order to browse and test drive all of the potential bug out vehicles. An ideal bug out vehicle must be durable, off-road capable, and able to transport large amounts of...

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Why A Skid Steer Is The Right Loader For Landscaping

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Landscaping is backbreaking work, but with the right equipment, you can make your job much easier. Fencing, placing landscape rocks, installing sprinklers, grading, seeding, removing trees—the jobs you can be called on to do are nearly endless. A tractor can help you make your work much easier, but you need to make sure that you have the right tractor for your needs. A tractor with a bucket in the front, often referred to as a loader, will help to complete many tasks, but if you want a tractor with enough versatility to handle whatever job comes your way, you need a skid steer.  What Is a Skid Steer? A skid steer is a small tractor, with an enclosed cab, and a set of hydraulic arms that connect to a bucket at the front. While the dimensions of a skid steer will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, it should typically be no more than six feet long, six feet high, and four feet from wheel to wheel. Clearly, a skid steer is not meant to take on large tasks like digging the foundations for a skyscraper, but for landscaping tasks, you will be hard pressed to find a better tractor.  What Are the Benefits of a Skid Steer? To understand why a skid steer is such a good tractor for landscaping projects, consider the following features: 1. Maneuverability: Small size helps to get your skid steer into a backyard where other tractors might not fit, but this is only the beginning of the skid steer’s maneuverability. To operate a skid steer, you manipulate two levers. One lever controls the velocity and direction of the front and rear wheel on the left, and the other lever controls the wheels on the right. If you pull the left lever back and push the right lever forward, your tractor will spin 360 degrees right on the spot. This is what is known in the industry as a zero-turn radius. In other words, a skid steer is the perfect machine to navigate tight spaces.  2. Attachments: The standard attachment for a skid steer is a bucket, but you can remove the bucket and attach a whole host of attachments to outfit your skid steer for any number of tasks. You will find tree spades, stump grinders, pallet forks, seeders, power sheers, augers, land levelers, mowers, sweepers, and the list goes on. Thus, no matter what task you have at hand, you will most likely find a skid steer attachment to help you.  If you want a tractor that can go most anywhere and do most anything that a landscaper is called to do, you need a skid...

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What Impact Does Buying a Car through a Rent-to-Own Program Have on Your Credit?

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It can be hard to qualify for an auto loan if you have bad credit, but there are alternatives. One option is to purchase a car through a rent-to-own program. This is an option that anyone can use, even people with bad credit, but it may not affect your credit in the way you hoped. Does it require a credit check? One of the many reasons people choose to purchase cars from rent-to-own agencies is that they do not require credit checks. While there might be some dealers that do, most will not. This means that you can go to a car dealer and drive home a car without the dealer ever finding out what your credit score is. You will have to produce other forms of documentation though, which may include your driver’s license, insurance card, proof of address, and proof of income. Each dealer is different, and you may want to call before you go to find out what you will need. Is the loan reported on your credit? One thing you should know before buying through a rent-to-own program is how it will affect your credit. In most cases, rent-to-own deals are not reported to major credit bureaus. If you are hoping to use this loan as a way to rebuild your credit, you may want to think again. Because they do not report to credit bureaus, there will not be a record of the transaction on your credit report. While this certainly will not hurt your credit score, it will also not help either. What you should realize is that while it may not improve your credit score, it is a great way to get by while your credit is poor. When the rent-to-own program is over and you own the car, your credit may already be better simply from the passing of time. At that point, you may have a score high enough to qualify for a good interest rate on a traditional type of car loan. What happens if you default on the loan? Finally, if you are trying to improve your credit score, do not default on the payment arrangement. Even though the dealer will not report your monthly payments on the car, the dealer will most likely report a default on the deal. This could cause your score to drop significantly, and you can avoid this by making all your payments on time. If you are in a situation where your credit score is lower than it should be, you can still buy a car from a rent-to-own dealer like Rent To Town Autos. This is a great way to get a vehicle if you need one, and almost anyone will...

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3 Tips For Getting The Best Price On A Used Car

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Buying a car can be exciting. Whether you are buying a used or new car, you are probably looking for the best deal possible. Too many people walk away from the dealership feeling like they overpaid on the car, but that doesn’t have to be you. Here are a couple simple tips to help you get the best deal on a car. 1. Go During The Weekday In most cases dealerships are open around the clock; however, they tend to be most busy during the weekend and nights. This is because people who work during the day have to do their car shopping during these times. If your schedule will allow it, you should try and go during the day. This way you will get more personalized attention, and you will have more time to negotiate. If your salesman is busy with other people, or if the dealership is especially busy, they are less likely to work with you on the price. Thus, you should try to go during a down time. 2. Know Which Fees Are Negotiable When you purchase a car you need to be ready for extra fees that will be tacked on. Of course licensing, taxes and registration are all fees that are non-negotiable, but every dealership will have dealer fees. These are the fees that the dealer might add at the end of your negotiations to recoup some of the costs and loses from the price you agreed on. If your dealer tries to charge preparation fees, marketing fees, and other seller fees, you should try to negotiate your way out of them. This is an easy way for dealerships to make money, and many times these are not fees that you need to pay. 3. Shop Around Before you get into the dealership you need to shop around and see what other dealers are offering. If other dealers are offering lower prices you can either go to these dealerships, or you can bring it up with your salesman. Tell them that either they match the price from the other dealership or you will walk away. This means that you need to be prepared to walk away. The more emotional you become about a car, the worse off you will be. This is a business transaction, and nothing more. If it becomes emotional, you might overpay. These are just a couple things you can do to get a good deal on buying a...

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2 Bug Out Vehicle Options To Consider

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Creating the perfect disaster plan requires that you also have an appropriate vehicle to help you enact that plan, especially if your plan involves evacuating to a safe area. A bug out vehicle is a vital part of your plan, as long as it has the right features to make it useful. Durability and being capable of going off-road are just some of the options that you should look for when shopping for a bug out vehicle. Durability One of the most important features to look for in a bug out vehicle is something that is built to be as tough as possible. This is especially important when you consider that leaving a city during a disaster may require you to put a lot of strain on the vehicle. In that situation, you really do not want to end up stranded in the middle of nowhere because your vehicle couldn’t handle a bit of rough driving. If you are looking for durability, it is very difficult to beat the durability offered by most trucks. This durability comes from the fact that trucks are often designed and marketed to people in industries that require a lot from their vehicles, such as farming and construction. Off-Road You will also want to consider purchasing a vehicle that is going to be able to handle going off-road if necessary. This is especially important if you are planning on getting out of a city in the event of a disaster because you may have to travel down some unpaved or damaged roads to avoid the traffic caused by everyone else attempting to evacuate. In addition, the off-road capability will allow you to get to just about any type of safe location you want, not matter how far out in the middle of nowhere it might be. SUVs are some of the best choices when it comes to purchasing a vehicle for off-road experiences. This is because many SUVs are designed and marketed to be adventure vehicles for people that want to go camping in the mountains, or want to travel and explore wild areas. Visit your local vehicle dealership today in order to see the many available options that would make great bug out vehicles. An SUV makes an ideal bug out vehicle because certain models are designed to be able handle a variety of rough terrain, while a truck is a great choice if you want something that is going to be tough enough to make it through the disaster without leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Check with local used car dealers, like Auto Max, to see if they have the right bug out vehicle for...

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