buying a car that is affordable to own

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buying a car that is affordable to own

When I was looking for a new car, I wanted to take my time and make the best possible decision. I wanted to know what car was going to be the most affordable to maintain, repair and drive every day. I wanted a car that wasn't going to rust out or require repairs often. I basically wanted something that may cost me a little more to buy, but would not cost me much to keep for the next ten years. After spending weeks researching different types of cars, I have learned a lot about the different cars on the market and my blog contains everything that I have learned.

Need Another Set Of Wheels? Two Reasons Why A Brand-New Car Should Be In Your Future

Buying a car can be a very fun process. You may have driven your current vehicle for a few years, and it's either starting to break down or you're just ready for something different. It's time to go car shopping, but you want to get some of the preliminaries out of the way before you even hit the lot. Do you need a passenger car, truck, or van? What color strikes your fancy? Read More